Holy City Tattooing Collective

Welcome to Holy City Tattooing Collective


The studio, which sits on Highway 17 South directly across the street from Dunkin Doughnuts, has become iconic with its “Pepto-Pink" brick exterior. It is rather hard to miss. The pink has become an obvious reference point for anyone who passes by on a regular basis… “You know, right by the pink tattoo shop.” Upon entering the shop, it becomes quickly aware that there is no room for anything but tattoos and art. Earth tone walls covered in art and an abundance of natural light add to the shop's warm, inviting feel.  Tattoos, art, music and laughing… What else do you need?

While the artists at HCTC represent diverse tattoo specialties, all of them are accomplished artists as well as tattooists. Please feel free to approach one of them in regard to commissioning a custom painting, drawing or other medium as well as a tattoo. Each artists gallery contains a small body of their work. When looking through them, please remember that the tattoos you see were most likely designed specifically for the client who has endured their application as well as spent their hard earned money on them. Respect them and the art by not asking us or any other tattooist to duplicate another person’s tattoo. If you like a design, you may use it as a point of reference for us to go by only.

That about sums it up, not much else to say. Hope you enjoy the website. Drop by and see us for the real thing. Oh yeah, remember that the sign on the door reads BE NICE OR BE GONE…