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Jason Eisenberg


My name is Jason Eisenberg. I am from Charleston, South Carolina. I am a tattooist. I began professionally tattooing full time in 1999 after an injury ended my career as an EMT. I have been in the Body Modification Industry since 1993 first as a Body Piercer and then as a Tattooist.

When I began tattooing, I worked in street shops all over the country. In 2003, I had the opportunity to work in a full custom shop. This was the end for life as I knew it.

While I worked in Wilmington, I learned how to appreciate the tattoo over the number of tattoos I could do in a day. I had always lusted over large custom pieces, but I had no clue what made them look so different that the work I had been doing at that point. By watching my co-workers, I began to put it together. The body makes the decisions, not the artist. The work I had admired for so long, Mainly Japanese in style, was figured out before the person ever came to be tattooed. Now by this I don't mean the drawing or pre planning, I mean the image was already laid out by the person’s own anatomy. All the artist has to do is see the image and make it happen. This is not an easy task. The brain has to be conditioned to see. Sounds kind of silly, but it makes sense, I promise. Ultimately this means that a tattoo must fit the body or it will never look right. This is something I feel I have an affinity for.

One of the hardest things about being a Fully Custom Tattooist is accepting the fact that the work you do will almost never bring the income of a street or ”flash” based shop.  This is something that not all tattooists can handle.

Being a custom tattooist is more than simply making large tattoos and eating Ramen Noodles, it is an obsession. The fact is, most custom tattooists specialize in a certain style. My chosen styles are, for some masochistic reason, Japanese and Black and Grey tattoos. Now this does not mean that I will not tattoo a daisy or a tribal tattoo of any size, it simply means that I choose to focus on larger Japanese, Polynesian and Traditional American tattoos.

In the past, I have been involved with Tattoo Legislation as well as Education. As time has passed, I made the decision to step away from any kind of distraction so I could focus more on the impossible task of bettering my tattoo ability in my own eyes. I love what I do and I am happy to be where I am, but I am anxious to se where my tattooing takes me in the future.

When I deal with people, I treat them as I get treated... If you act like an ass, you will be treated like one. If you are an awesome person, so am I. There is a lot more to this bio, but if I type it all we won’t have anything to talk about when I tattoo you...

I love what I do and feel blessed every day. If you would like a tattoo from me, please contact me at the shop or via email.

Margo Venomous


I have been tattooing professionally since 2001 all over the southeast United States. My career as an artist started with a degree in visual communications and graphic design, followed by a stint in web graphics, ad design and architectural elevation rendering. I quickly decided to reclaim my soul and dive headfirst into the only career that I could ever love... tattooing.

It is the only life that's right for me, and every day is a chance to create something amazing and grow in the craft.


Brittanie Leigh